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Clipper · Young Igi · Qry

Skan Myśli

℗ 2019 YI Ent., under exclusive license to Def Jam Recordings Poland

Released on: 2019-10-25

Producer: Worek
Studio Personnel, Mix Engineer, Mastering Engineer: Rafal Smolen
Associated Performer, Vocals: Young Igi
Associated Performer, Vocals: Qry
Author: Young Igi
Author: Qry
Composer: Worek

Auto-generated by YouTube.
AMF -AdamMusic &LIFE : x
Damian Brylu : Ta płyta to jest Kozak na polskim rynku...
Marta Okońska : marta
Rafal Stepien : Swietny!!!
Spark : joł a jcid okej cjdcbfuiv fvin ifvn vi spoko duc5 ub3 lecisz
Victoria Zychiewicz : Najlepszy moment to mam koszmary jeezuuu to jest świetne❣️❣️❤️❤️❤️❣️❤️ i fajnie się bawisz autotiune nwm jak to się pisze XD ale to fajnie brzmi iguś
y_es : Jedna zasada, czerwonego się nie wałuje
d0mixxd : dobcygx
Stefan Antoś : Ja pierdole, te podbicie w refrenie...

Clipper vs Bic vs Cricket lighter showdown

My personal opinion between 3 common brands of lighters
SouthRick : Before I don’t know Cricket clipper 4 life
GET CLAPPED : Bic for me
gigerbrick : Cricket is always set to max so you run out and buy a new one frequently.
Hari Krishnan : Cricket is th good one
White Shadows : For me Bic is always better. Sure u can change parts on a clipper and refill them, but most lighters start to not light on the first try after a while. Bic on the other hand always lights on the first try.

I cant say anything about cricket, never used them.
Tyler Payment : In Canada, I’ll just say it’s Bic gang baby. Easy to find (gotta go to a headshop to find a clipper), and durable as fuck. And can open beer bottles easily. Not doable on a clipper or cricket (without clipping your finger that is).
Станислав Горгаз : Bic the best!
kirtiman kashyap : Cricket is the best, doesn't rip off your thumb skin like clippers or bics!
Rice Niceman : The poke in a clipper isn't a poke, you can unscrew the bottom to pull out the spring holding up the flint, makes putting new flints in easier. And you can pull the spark wheel out easily for whatever reason, haven't seen replacements.
WeThePeople Hi : I just bought 4 Clipper lighters, flints and fluid after being a lifelong LOYAL Bic lighter customer. The Clipper lighter isn't as readily available in America like a Bic is. However since you can replace all the parts , I feel it is superior to the Bic

Best Cordless Clipper 2019

What is the best cordless clipper of 2019? Welcome to the first ever Barber Manufacturing Awards 2019, and the second nomination video 'Best Cordless Clipper 2019'. We have selected 5 categories for these awards, they are 'Best Cordless Trimmer' 'Best Cordless Clipper' 'Best Foil Shaver' 'Innovation of 2019' and 'Best Barber Release 2019'. We asked for nominations for each category on our Instagram stories and you picked the finalists. We will make a nomination video for each category where we will discuss our feeling on each of the nominees, at the end of each video we will make the public vote live for that category and you will be able to vote for which one you think should win. To vote in each category visit and select 'Vote' in the top right hand corner. Voting for this category is now live and will run until the 24th of December 2019. On the 29th of December will be our awards show where we will announce the winners of each category. Stay tuned for the next nominations video, make sure you have the 'Bell' icon selected, so you will be notified of future uploads.

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Our Essential Barbering Equipment
The gold cases we use
Our current favourite clipper
Our favourite heavy-duty clipper
Must have detachable blade
Favourite fade brush
Our favourite trimmer
Our most used foil shaver
The best cutting comb
Best blend comb for clipper over comb
The best sectioning clips
Talcum Blower from the videos

Equipment we use for filming and Photography:
Our main video and photo camera
Our most used lens for photo and video
For lighting
Sound Recorder


Our Essential Barbering Equipment
Our favourite heavy-duty clipper
Our favourite trimmer
Our most used foil shaver
The best cutting comb
The best sectioning clips

Equipment we use for filming and Photography:
Our main video and photo camera
Our most used lens for photo and video
For lighting
Sound Recorder

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Music: The awesome service we use

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anUntouchable : Is the Wahl Seniors cordless black version 2020 an improvement over the previous blue version? in particular in terms of screws becoming loose. I hope you can review them soon!
地雷 : can you do a ACME M5 M6 review
Murang Items Update :
Phil K : Knows his stuff this feller.
Halil Bouterfss : Hi there I'm a wahl senior fan is gamma ergo better then wahl senior?? Never used one
Денис Успешный Синхронный Переводчик : Interesting fact. In Russia, Moscow... I’d say 90% of all hair salons and barbershops use Panasonic
Matias Hernandez : I personally love my Karmin
Coconutcrawler : I learned a new slang today! 14:25 FAFFIN’ AROUND(per google): faff around. phrasal verb. If you say that someone is faffing about or faffing around, you mean that they are doing things in a disorganized way and not achieving very much. [British, informal] It was annoying to watch them faffing around when a more direct response was required.
Inventitious : What headphones would you recommend for a bold head or crew cut?
Cokedriver : U have your favorite used clipper as the babyliss. How do you prefer that one over the wahl seniors ?




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